New US and UK Amazon Reviews


The five-star reviews keep coming in, including the first international review! Mr. Peter Turnbull, from Kent, England rated The WILCO Project five stars on Amazon in the UK. Peter writes:

Thank you Daniel Springer. I guessed who the baddy was, then changed my mind and honestly didn’t know who it was but kept guessing. The result of good writing kept me in suspense. Whilst wanting to know the outcome I didn’t want the book to end it was so enjoyable. Crime, computers and Police mix very well here.

Thank you Peter for your kind words!

Another reader, Joe, from the US submitted the eighteenth five-start review for The WILCO Project:

This book was a excellent 350 page read.
I could not put it down and finished it in
Less than a day. It seemed like I was watching a suspenseful movie not reading at all. The i phone game concept was great and can’t wait for it to comes out.

I was told that this book was finished in 2004 prior to when iPhone’s were invented.The author, Dan Springer certainly had vision.

I highly recommend this book…
5 star rating from me…

Thanks to Joe as well for the fantastic review!

I know I sound like a broken record, but positive reviews make my day! They also don’t hurt in getting the word out! Thanks to Peter and Joe for taking the time to post these reviews.