My favorite band, Rush, playing tonight

Rush performing on the Time Machine tour in Toronto on July 17.

Tonight my favorite rock band of all time, Rush, is performing locally. I cannot wait as my brother, Marty, is winging across the country on a red eye flight from Seattle to go to the show with myself and six other friends. Marty is a year older than me and he introduced me to Rush way back in high school. It going to be so nice to see him and enjoy the concert.

Interestingly, the music of Rush has, and continues to, influence me as writer and person. Early in my career as a budding “software artist,” my term for a programmer because I have always felt that software design has a large artistic component to it, I would don headphones and wear out the grooves of my Rush albums as I worked on software projects.

There are several themes (my interpretation) that occur in the music of Rush that I use for personal motivation, including:

  • Striving to achieve your best
  • Overcoming personal obstacles in life
  • For those that dare to dream, greatness can become reality

The band is not for everyone–I guess I am the prototypical Rush fan, a geeky, male who, for some reason, completely identifies with their precise yet complex music and lyrics. Some thirty years later I am still amazed that these three musicians can create and perform such wonderful music that has provided so much enjoyment for me.

To Alex, Geddy, and Neil, I cannot wait to see your perfomance tonight and “thanks” for doing what you do!