Guest Blog: KateMarie Collins

I am honored to have fellow Solstice author, KateMarie Collins, guest posting today as she kicks off her blog tour starting right here! KateMarie wrote a wonderful debut novel, DAUGHTER OF HAUK, which I enjoyed immensely–see my review here. I can’t wait for the release of her new book, MARK OF THE SUCCESSOR. Take it away . . .


Mark of the Successor 100X150I’d like to thank Dan for giving me the chance to stop by today. He’s the kick off point for my blog tour! The tour will continue through May 16th, with the grand finale being the release of my second novel, ‘Mark of the Successor’.

Dan and I met via our mutual publisher, Solstice Publishing. Hopefully, all of you are prodding him to do a follow up to ‘The Wilco Project’! It was hands down one of the best books I read last year.

I write fantasy. Okay, it’s more like I obsess over fantasy. After all, my favorite books and movies are all sci-fi/fantasy and I participate in the Society for Creative Anachronism. The short explanation of the SCA is we spend weekends re-creating the Middle Ages as they should’ve been. Basically, I’m 45 and still love to play dress up. LOL

Daughter of Hauk 100X150My debut novel, ‘Daughter of Hauk’, came out last year. The upcoming book is still fantasy, but not the sequel to ‘DoH’. That’s coming later this year.

For me, there was a huge difference between writing the two novels. Take away some of the standard reasons, like new characters/worlds/situations, and why is both easy and hard to understand.

With ‘DoH’, my muse woke up. I’d been so afraid of even trying to write something that anyone else would want to read that I’d convinced myself everything I could come up with was crap. Right up until the day I got the proverbial cosmic slap alongside my head. And I was scared out of my mind when the story started. This was new territory for me. I’d never had this overwhelming urge to write as soon as I got out of bed in the morning before. My fingers were filled with this NEED to type, to take the images out of my head and put them down on paper. One of these days I’ll head back to my old high school, find my typing instructor for two years, and thank her. Because my mind can create images easier with my eyes closed, and my fingers know where to go to translate those images into words.

Yup, you read that right. I type with my eyes closed.

With ‘MOTS’, the process was much the same. Get an idea, sit at my computer, crank the stereo, close my eyes, and let my fingers do what they do best. The huge difference, though, is in me. I’m still critical of my own work. I think most authors are. But I’m more confident in being able to find those words, insert my voice, help the reader discover the story like I do as it plays out in my mind.

Finding that confidence in yourself as an author is amazing. I had one friend tell me she thought I’d blossomed and really came into the potential she always saw in me over the last year. It’s that sense of confidence, that I really can write a story worth being published and that others will want to read, that made the most difference.

So, what are you waiting for? Go find your muse and listen!

Coming soon: Mark of the Successor

Dominated and controlled by an abusive mother, Lily does what she can to enjoy fleeting moments of normality. When a break from school only provides the opportunity for more abuse at home, the sudden appearance of a stranger turns her world even bleaker.  Disappearing without a trace, he has left a lingering fear in Lily. His parting words to her mother, “Have her ready to travel tomorrow,” is something her mind refuses to accept.

Running away is the only answer. But before Lily can execute her plan, a shimmering portal appears in her room. Along with two strangers who promise to help keep her safe. With time running out, she accepts their offer for escape and accompanies them into a brand new world. A world in which she is

the kidnapped daughter of a Queen, and the heir to the throne of Tiadar.

Can she find her own strength to overcome both an abusive past and avoid those who would use her as a means to power?

KateMarie Collins 100X125KateMarie Collins is the author of two books, wife to her hubby of 17 years, mom to their two daughters, and herder of three cats . She resides in Seattle Suburbia, finding time to write while keeping the dust bunnies at bay.