Gorilla Marketing?

Marketing THE WILCO PROJECT with bumper stickers?

Now that the heat and humidity of summer has started to drop, my son and I decided to take our dog Lexi for a walk this evening. Our neighborhood has about six miles of walking and biking trails and a couple of parks. As we rounded the bend and approached the larger of the two parks we noticed people utilizing the tennis courts and kids on the playground. Once we passed by the parking lot, I just happened to look over at this car and noticed the bumper sticker, “Wilco Now,” and I started laughing! My son asked me what was so funny and I pointed to the car and said, “I guess the word about my book is getting out–people are demanding The WILCO Project. They are even putting bumper stickers on their cars!”

We both got a chuckle out of this, but in publishing these days, marketing and self-promoting your book is extremely important. Much of that responsibility falls on the author. I am working on a what I think is a neat idea and I will write about it later when the project gets closer to completion. I’ll just tease you with one word: video.

I am also using this website and blog as well as Facebook to promote my work,  and once the print version of the book releases I will line up book signings. Other than running around town slapping bumper stickers on cars that read, “The WILCO Project Now,” I would love to get any ideas that you all might have for me to help market and promote the book! Hit the comment button below and type away!