Globetrotting and the latest updates

I just returned home from Dusseldorf, Germany where I attended a meeting on Wednesday.  Unfortunately, I did not have much of a chance to do any sightseeing or touristy activities other than having a couple of dinners in the “Old Town” section of Dusseldorf. I would really like to return as a tourist and learn more about the city and surrounding areas as most of the city was destroyed by Allied bombing in WWII.

I was able to experience tradition German fare in a very old restaurant and brewery that has been operating for a couple of hundred years.  The experience was  really cool because the waiters would bring small glasses of dark beer, brewed right on the premises, and put a pencil tick mark on a paper coaster to keep track of them. I had a traditional dinner consisting of brazed beef, potato dumplings, red cabbage, and applesauce, and the food was fabulous.

The trip over was brutal as I flew from Tampa to Detroit to Amsterdam to Dussesldorf! I left Tampa at about 6pm on Sunday and arrived in Dusseldof Monday afternoon–there is a six hour time difference. The longest of those legs, Detroit to Amsterdam, was seven hours in the air. Coming home was only two flights, Dusseldorf to Atlanta (10 hours in the air) and then Atlanta to Tampa–that 10 hour leg seemed to last forever.

Although the travel was tedious, the long flights gave me plenty of time to work on the Web site redesign as well as the dedication, acknowledgments, and book blurb for The WILCO Project.  While writing up these things for submission to the publisher makes me realize that I am one step closer to becoming an actual published author!

I hope to re-launch soon and hope to have further information on the launch date of The WILCO Project soon!