For The Brave Who Have Fallen

As I sit looking out over the beautiful, white-sand beaches of the Gulf of Mexico, packed with families enjoying the long, Memorial Day weekend here in the USA, a wave of guilt floods over me. Every year I eagerly await the last weekend in May and the three days spent at the beach with my family, letting the stress of work and raising a family drift away.

Invariably though, sometime during the weekend the real reason for the holiday hits me. Memorial Day is about remembering those who have lost their lives defending our freedom. When I ponder the ultimate sacrifice these warriors have given so that I can enjoy freedom of speech and have the opportunity to live the way that I do, it brings tears to my eyes. We are in the middle of a war right this minute, yet most days I am so selfishly wrapped up in my own pursuits that I forget the brave men and women that are giving their precious lives for my freedom and way of life.

Shame on me!

So, for those that have fallen, I honor you. For those fighting today, I thank you and will do better to support your efforts and sacrifice for myself and my family.

Happy Memorial Day my friends and thanks for listening (I feel better)!