First Book Signing–A Success!

Dad with kids Steven and Madison

Thanks again to all that made it out to my first book signing on November 17, 2010. The turn out of family and friends was fantastic–I was blown away by all the support!

I have to admit that the event was quite surreal for me and I kept thinking that whole thing was a dream. Getting everything together and set up was a nerve-racking and a lot of work. I had the signage in the background, the table along with the TV monitor and the DVD player to bring in and assemble, but once folks began to stream in, I could not stop smiling.

Rich Soule, Greg Wilcoxen, Daniel Springer, and Greg Gartley

Thanks to my friends from the Florida Writers Association, Eugene Orlando and Paul DuBose, for stopping by and showing support. I had a friend that I have known since middle school, Rich Soule, show up! Thanks also to the wonderful folks that live in my neighborhood for taking the time to come by on a Wednesday night–such wonderful support, I was overwhelmed!

Thanks also to my family for coming–my wife Sheri and kids, Selma Leach, Dad, sister Teri and Clint and the kids. You all made the event special for me!!

If you could not stop by for this event, please put Thursday, December 2 on your calendar for the next signing at Parl Square Cellar–look forward to seeing you there!