Book Expo America – Day 3

The Fun Stuff!

BEA 2012 is winding down–what a jam packed three days in NYC! For the first time in the show’s history, 1000 non-industry folks, “Power Readers” were able to attend the event today. So, today I got the opportunity to sign and give my books away. Book signings are so much fun for me–the whole idea that someone is interested in reading my novel still gives me goosebumps. These people are big time readers and book fans and seem to genuinely appreciate the effort involved in writing and publishing a novel.

The other neat part of the show for me is meeting other authors. I made friends with a couple of Romance Writers of America authors, Leann Harris and Patricia Davis, who write “inspirational romance” for Love Inspired, an imprint Harlequin. These ladies are wonderful and very successful, and they were sweet enough to sign a couple of books for me.

I have to thank Solstice Publishing again for allowing me to participate again this year. I see great things for the new company in the future–stay tuned!