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My publisher, Solstice Publishing, is having a contest and giving away FREE Ebooks to winners of a contest. How cool is that? 🙂 A bit cliche I know, but if its free its for me!!!!
All you have to enter is go to the contest page and sign up to receive the Solstice newsletter.

Awesome, right?

Now go win some free books!!!!

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penniesTo celebrate the The WILCO Project being optioned for film/TV by Villavision, Solstice Publishing has dropped the Kindle price of this best selling mystery/thriller to just 99¢ for a limited time!

Folks, this is a steal! Think about getting hours of reading pleasure for less than the cost of of a soft drink.

If you are unsure about the quality of this book, please know there are seventeen five-star reviews on for this 2008 Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award semifinalist.

Thanks for listening and tell your friends about this incredible sale!



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The five-star reviews keep coming in, including the first international review! Mr. Peter Turnbull, from Kent, England rated The WILCO Project five stars on Amazon in the UK. Peter writes:

Thank you Daniel Springer. I guessed who the baddy was, then changed my mind and honestly didn’t know who it was but kept guessing. The result of good writing kept me in suspense. Whilst wanting to know the outcome I didn’t want the book to end it was so enjoyable. Crime, computers and Police mix very well here.

Thank you Peter for your kind words!

Another reader, Joe, from the US submitted the eighteenth five-start review for The WILCO Project:

This book was a excellent 350 page read.
I could not put it down and finished it in
Less than a day. It seemed like I was watching a suspenseful movie not reading at all. The i phone game concept was great and can’t wait for it to comes out.

I was told that this book was finished in 2004 prior to when iPhone’s were invented.The author, Dan Springer certainly had vision.

I highly recommend this book…
5 star rating from me…

Thanks to Joe as well for the fantastic review!

I know I sound like a broken record, but positive reviews make my day! They also don’t hurt in getting the word out! Thanks to Peter and Joe for taking the time to post these reviews.


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man-free-sign-200x220My award winning mystery, thriller, The WILCO Project, is *FREE* beginning Wednesday, July 24, 2013 through Friday July 26, 2013.

You simply can’t beat that deal, right? FREE 🙂

In celebration of the The WILCO Project being optioned for film/TV, Solstice Publishing is giving away the Kindle version of the book for *FREE*. So tell your friends, tell your family, tell everyone you know about this *FREE* eBook. Oh yeah, did I mention the incredible price? *FREE*

No strings attached, just head to Amazon from Wednesday, July 24, 2013 through Friday, July 24, 2013 to download your *FREE* copy of The WILCO Project. Here is the link:

THE WILCO PROJECT won “Honorable Mention” in the 2005 Florida Writers Association Royal Palm Literary Awards in the “Unpublished Novel” category. The book was also selected as a “Semifinalist” in the 2008 Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award contest. In June of 2010, Daniel signed a contract with Solstice Publishing and THE WILCO PROJECT was released in both eBook and print versions on Oct. 31, 2010. Shortly after release, THE WILCO PROJECT shot to the #1 mystery/suspense title (#10 overall) on

PUBLISHERS WEEKLY issued the following review of the book:

“THE WILCO PROJECT combines murder mystery with elements of a technological thriller, blending the genres in a deftly written manuscript. The author provides a gripping opening with a female college student murdered while playing a mysterious campus-wide game in the woods. Readers are soon introduced to the rest of the cast of characters: Dr Steven Archer, former Internet entrepreneur turned professor, who leads a team of young computer programmers in the creation of the ultimate cell phone game; Bobbi, a school reporter, determined to find out the truth about the murder, even if it means putting her own life in jeopardy; Jonathan Holden, creator of the game and all around cad; Patricia, the angry assistant on the team who is sleeping with the head of the wireless company, Larry Hershman; and finally, Peter, a techno-geek who is invisible. After Archer discovers that the dead girl is Jonathan’s ex-fiance, he realizes that the The Wilco Project is a game of hide-and-seek, in which players use the phone to locate and destroy enemies. As Archer finds himself investigating the first murder and a subsequent one, he is led down one path after another. While this plot is a new take on an old thriller genre, the author delivers a well-executed thriller.”

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Due-date Don’t you just love it when you read the opening pages of a book and you are instantly drawn in? You picture the characters in your mind. The action is so real you are transported into a movie in your head. You find yourself firing up the Kindle reader on your phone while waiting for an appointment to gobble up a couple more pages of a great mystery because you just have to know what happens next. That was me while enjoying Nancy Wood’s mystery, Due Date.

Shelby McDougall is young, naive, and very pregnant with twins. She is also a surrogate mother for a yuppie couple yearning to be parents. Drowning is debt, she wants to help the rich couple–seems like a win-win situation. But, all is not what it seems, and Shelby and her unborn babies find themselves in the fight of their lives.

NancyWoodAs I mentioned before, I could not put this book down. The descriptions and dialog created a movie in my brain as I read, which for me is the pinnacle of good writing. IT is no surprise to me this novel has been optioned for film/TV.

Do yourself a favor and get this book! I can’t wait for the next Shelby McDougall mystery.

Disclaimer: Due Date, is published by my publisher, Solstice Publishing and I have appeared on the author’s blog. That being said, I paid for my my copy of the book and this is an honest review.

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As an author it doesn’t get much better than finding a new 5-star review of your posted on Amazon. This made my day!

Don’t forget, if you read and enjoy a book, there is no better way to express your appreciation to the author and posting a review . . .


5.0 out of 5 stars The Wilco Project, June 7, 2013

This review is from: The Wilco Project (Paperback)

The Wilco Project is fast-paced and keeps you turning the pages. The balance of action, mystery, technology and suspense blend marvelously to present an exciting story that is hard to put down. I enjoyed the book a great deal and look forward to the next addition from Dan Springer.

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This week I asked a college friend of mine who, with his wife and an illustrator, co-authored and self-published a children’s book, to guest post and talk about his book so hopefully you folks will support him and BUY HIS BOOK! So, take it away Neil . . .

bookI want to thank Dan for this opportunity to be a guest blogger.  Dan and I have known each other since our days at The University of Tampa, working together on the school newspaper, The Minaret, in the news department.  I had the privilege of reading the manuscript of The WILCO Project prior to its publication.  I wondered why no publisher had yet picked it up.  But I am very happy for him now that it is on the market and has the [good, I hope] possibility of being turned into a movie.

Even though the book my wife, Lisa, and I wrote – with the help of our two young children, Victoria and Joseph, and a very talented artist and friend of ours – is far afield from Dan’s genre, I appreciate him giving me the space to talk about our book.  One day, the readers of our book will become the readers of his books (yes, books; he should write more).

In December 2012, we self-published Rosie the Reindeer and Her Alphabet Friends, a colorful and multi-faceted children’s book.  Rosie the Reindeer and Her Alphabet Friends is an alphabet book that aids youngsters not only in letter recognition but also in reading, number recognition, counting, and the American manual alphabet.

Each page of Rosie the Reindeer and Her Alphabet Friends features one letter of the alphabet and includes

  • the uppercase and lowercase letters, which can serve as models for youngsters to copy as they learn the alphabet.
  • the American manual alphabet hand sign.  Practicing the hand sign can help youngsters with manual dexterity and can be used to practice spelling.  Many youngsters find using sign language a fun experience and enjoy communicating with signs.  Learning the American manual alphabet can be a springboard to learning American Sign Language.  (This was my idea; I learned basic sign language several years ago.)
  • an alliterative sentence featuring the letter.  The alliteration used in the book provides youngsters the opportunity to practice pronouncing the sound each letter makes.  Parents and children can carry the idea further by making lists of words that begin with the letter featured on the page.  Beginning readers will find the alliteration an aid in reading the sentences.
  • the numeral for the position of the letter in the alphabet and an equal number of stars, which allow for practicing number recognition, number order, and counting.
  • a bright illustration designed to grab the attention of new readers.  Parents can talk to their children about the animals and other objects in the picture.  Children may enjoy trying to draw the pictures themselves or find other ways to illustrate the sentence on the page.

For beginning readers, the book can also be used to learn the parts of speech as each page features proper and common nouns, a verb, and an adjective or adverb as well as articles and prepositions.  Subject and object nouns can also be discussed.  The inside back cover of the book gives some examples of these parts of speech and some other categories of words found in the book.

The illustrator of the book, Will Sebring, is a very talented artist.  He was a friend of ours through Lisa’s work for a school board in Kentucky, where we lived for six years, before returning to Florida in 2011.  Will’s previous work as an artist included designing album covers.  We had no idea that he was an artist until he was visiting our house one day, and Lisa showed him the [very] rough draft of the book.  Will sat down and drew several characters in just a few minutes.  For the book, he drew all the characters by hand based on the one sentence that we wrote for each page.  Will also converted the pictures to computer art and did all the production work involved in putting the book together.

The book is named after Lisa’s friend and Will’s wife, Rose.  Rose has been fighting cancer for several years.  I came up with the title as a dedication to her, and the inspiration she gave to us to keep going with the project.  [I am very happy to say that Rose’s latest tests – in early May 2013 – show that her cancer is in remission.]  Many of the animals in the book are named for family members and other friends.

Our children, Victoria, 9, and Joseph, 7, helped us as we searched for the animals and objects named in the book.  We let them choose what type of animals they were (Victoria, a big dinosaur lover, chose the velociraptor over the vulture and vole).  We also showed the book to family and friends and incorporated many of their ideas into the final version of the book (and we are very grateful to them for pointing out errors along the way).

Earlier this year, Lisa, who was a very active volunteer at our children’s elementary school, read the book to numerous classes, from pre-kindergarten to third grade.  She received very positive reactions to the book, and quite a few parents even bought it.  The book includes a list of questions about the content of the book, and children of all ages were enthusiastic about answering the questions.

We have plans for additional Rosie books, including Rosie the Reindeer Travels the USA, which will feature all 50 states and information about them.  In each state, Rosie meets one of the other 25 animal characters from the first book.  We are also working on a children’s activity book to accompany Rosie the Reindeer and Her Alphabet Friends.  This will be a combination coloring book and learning book that builds on the reading, writing, and number concepts in Rosie.  Various types of puzzles, including decoding sign-language messages, are planned for the book.  A third project is to have a book similar to Rosie the Reindeer and Her Alphabet Friends that covers digraphs and blends.  Finally, we have thought about a math-focused book to introduce number concepts to very young children in a fun.  (I teach math at the college level and know how important it is for children to get a good math foundation.)

We have a website for the Rosie the Reindeer and Her Alphabet  On the website, you can see sample pages.  One of the pages lists books by family and friends.  We hope to grow that page, and since any author friend of Dan’s can be an author friend of ours, we would be happy to list your book(s) there, too.  You can contact us at

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I am pleased and intrigued to welcome fellow Solstice Publishing author Kristal McKerrington, and her co-author, Joe E Legend, today to talk about their upcoming projects. The first question that came to my mind after hearing about this duo is, how does a writer manage to partner up with a professional wrestler? To answer this question and discuss her many projects, take it away Kristal and Joe . . .

Hello All,

JoeELegendJoe E Legends and myself, Kristal McKerrington are honoured Dan Springer, has given us the chance to speak to you all. We are on a wild promotional media tour at the moment for our new book Charlie’s Journal: A Man’s Desperation and Dragon. We are looking to talk to you about these wonderful books with you today. Joe will also share with you some of his movie news he has.

First before we get dug into the books promotional stuff and the heart of the projects we are working on. I often get asked how I met or ended up co-authoring with Joe E Legends. Its a very simple story, one that might make you want to go awe.

Joe E Legends and myself were working on a TV show together, we are actually still working on bringing it to life. When I started to tell him about the books I was writing for the series with FireFly & Wisp Publishing. Marie’s World, the first one is out on June 27th. We were getting on so well with writing Layla’s World, we went on and started to write books together. Before I knew it we had 2 publishing contracts and another pile waiting for us to finish books, send sample chapters.

Dragon-150x200Dragon is our first Fantasy novel with Media Aria CDM LTD, its due out in 2015. Here is the upcoming blurb for the novel: Dragon’s being hunted by the dark magic shifters. She’s got one hope. Knox’s school of shape shifting, only she’s setup to be far more. She might have lost everything, but she has the chance to set everything right. Can she?


Media Aria CDM LTD link:

Charlie’s Journal: A Man’s Desperation is our first wrestling romance book together. Its being published by Firefly & Wisp publishing. Scheduled release is September 2013. Here is a taster of this wonderful book: “My wife died, daughters are going off the rails and everyone is looking to me to fix everything. A betrayedfriends set to destroy me. I’ll do anything for my daughters, but in the end will it end the world I know?”

Firefly & Wisp Publishing link:

Calling You Home - eBook Cover - Kristal McKerringtonKristal McKerrington is preparing to release her first book with Solstice Publishing called “Calling You Home” here is a taster of the book coming very soon.

Jason finds out May is back in town. The woman he let got all those years ago has returned. Now they could have the future they dreamt of. She carried a secret away from him. Now she’s back and her secrets come home to roost. Follow Jason and May on their adventures through their complicated love affair. These small Ebooks will make lunchtimes fun again. We will bring you a country experience unlike any you’ve ever experienced before.”

Solstice Publishing’s Website Link:

Joe E Legend is going to be appearing in the following films on his own.  Vampire Soul – Hidden in Plain Sight (Seattle, Washington, USA/ American Production), Salvatus (England/Scotland/ UK Production),  Broken Nation (England/ UK Production), 4) Pandemonium (Carribean/ Eastern Europe/ USA/ American Production),  Untitled Horror/Slasher Film (Canada/ Canadian/American/Japanese Production) , The Second Chance (Italy/ Italian Production, English language)


Further, Joe E Legend’s and myself have signed on to star in a reality series to shoot around the USA, following me and a series of wrestlers and dancers as we make efforts to get our other TV series (a drama) signed while still pursuing our wrestling and dancing careers.

Joe will be wrestling, a lot over the next year. He’s scheduled to tour India for some large stadium shows shortly which are meant to be broadcast across all of India and other parts of Asia. With the same company, he’s scheduled to be shooting their TV tapings (several months of content) for broadcast in more than 20+ countries in Africa, Asia and the Middle East. He has appeared for several years now for this promotion and is a writer for them.

He is also the head writer for a promotion in Turkey where our TV product is watched by 1,500,000 fans per episode according to the last ratings. Further, Joe is scheduled for a tour of Pakistan in the Summer which will get big media attention in this country, and also scheduled to return to Canada for a huge Heavy Metal festival called “Heavy TO” which draws a live crowd of over 25,000 per day over 2 days and has been given a writing job there as well.

Joe’s  in negotiations to return to Japan (he’s toured there 14 times) and have a strong fan base there. He is also the “World Heavyweight Champion” for a promotion in Russia and have a strong fan base there as well as Switzerland where I’m champ as well.
Please follow us on our intense Media tour which is currently going on. We are scheduled to appear on the following places:

May 20th- UK Radio with Mike George- Joe E Legend
May 21st– Spotlight @ Passion for Romance – Kristal McKerrington

May 21- Ken Reedy Show- Joe E Legend
May 25th – Skype Interview with Patricia Ann Show- Joe and Kristal
May 26th- Skype Interview with Novel Idea Live- Joe and Kristal
June 5th- Romance blog- Kristal with mentions of Joe
June 6th- Calling Spots Magazine for Print and Online interview- Joe E Legends
June 13th- Romance Radio Station with a Bestseller- Joe E Legends and Kristal McKerrington
July 23rd- Night Owl Reviews- Joe E Legend and Kristal McKerrington

Thank you for stopping by and we hope to see your reviews, thoughts on the following social media pages relating to this tour:

Joe E Legend’s Fan Page:

Dragon’s Fan Page:

Charlie’s Journal Fan Page:
Kristal McKerrington’s Fan Page:

Kristal’s Twitter:

Joe E Legend’s Twitter:

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I am honored to have fellow Solstice author, KateMarie Collins, guest posting today as she kicks off her blog tour starting right here! KateMarie wrote a wonderful debut novel, DAUGHTER OF HAUK, which I enjoyed immensely–see my review here. I can’t wait for the release of her new book, MARK OF THE SUCCESSOR. Take it away . . .


Mark of the Successor 100X150I’d like to thank Dan for giving me the chance to stop by today. He’s the kick off point for my blog tour! The tour will continue through May 16th, with the grand finale being the release of my second novel, ‘Mark of the Successor’.

Dan and I met via our mutual publisher, Solstice Publishing. Hopefully, all of you are prodding him to do a follow up to ‘The Wilco Project’! It was hands down one of the best books I read last year.

I write fantasy. Okay, it’s more like I obsess over fantasy. After all, my favorite books and movies are all sci-fi/fantasy and I participate in the Society for Creative Anachronism. The short explanation of the SCA is we spend weekends re-creating the Middle Ages as they should’ve been. Basically, I’m 45 and still love to play dress up. LOL

Daughter of Hauk 100X150My debut novel, ‘Daughter of Hauk’, came out last year. The upcoming book is still fantasy, but not the sequel to ‘DoH’. That’s coming later this year.

For me, there was a huge difference between writing the two novels. Take away some of the standard reasons, like new characters/worlds/situations, and why is both easy and hard to understand.

With ‘DoH’, my muse woke up. I’d been so afraid of even trying to write something that anyone else would want to read that I’d convinced myself everything I could come up with was crap. Right up until the day I got the proverbial cosmic slap alongside my head. And I was scared out of my mind when the story started. This was new territory for me. I’d never had this overwhelming urge to write as soon as I got out of bed in the morning before. My fingers were filled with this NEED to type, to take the images out of my head and put them down on paper. One of these days I’ll head back to my old high school, find my typing instructor for two years, and thank her. Because my mind can create images easier with my eyes closed, and my fingers know where to go to translate those images into words.

Yup, you read that right. I type with my eyes closed.

With ‘MOTS’, the process was much the same. Get an idea, sit at my computer, crank the stereo, close my eyes, and let my fingers do what they do best. The huge difference, though, is in me. I’m still critical of my own work. I think most authors are. But I’m more confident in being able to find those words, insert my voice, help the reader discover the story like I do as it plays out in my mind.

Finding that confidence in yourself as an author is amazing. I had one friend tell me she thought I’d blossomed and really came into the potential she always saw in me over the last year. It’s that sense of confidence, that I really can write a story worth being published and that others will want to read, that made the most difference.

So, what are you waiting for? Go find your muse and listen!

Coming soon: Mark of the Successor

Dominated and controlled by an abusive mother, Lily does what she can to enjoy fleeting moments of normality. When a break from school only provides the opportunity for more abuse at home, the sudden appearance of a stranger turns her world even bleaker.  Disappearing without a trace, he has left a lingering fear in Lily. His parting words to her mother, “Have her ready to travel tomorrow,” is something her mind refuses to accept.

Running away is the only answer. But before Lily can execute her plan, a shimmering portal appears in her room. Along with two strangers who promise to help keep her safe. With time running out, she accepts their offer for escape and accompanies them into a brand new world. A world in which she is

the kidnapped daughter of a Queen, and the heir to the throne of Tiadar.

Can she find her own strength to overcome both an abusive past and avoid those who would use her as a means to power?

KateMarie Collins 100X125KateMarie Collins is the author of two books, wife to her hubby of 17 years, mom to their two daughters, and herder of three cats . She resides in Seattle Suburbia, finding time to write while keeping the dust bunnies at bay.

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Disclaimer: Just a few facts you should know before you read my review of this book. First, I know the author, Maria DeVivo–she had my daughter in class (she is Madison’s favorite teach of all time) and, a couple of years ago I spoke to Maria’s class as part of “The Great American Teach-In.” Next, I did not receive a free review copy of this book–in fact, I purchased both the Kindle version and the print version with my own money and the author did not ask me to review this book. Lastly, despite knowing the author, I believe this review is completely objective.

The teenage protagonist of Maria DeVivo’s debut novel, The Coal Elf, published by Twilight Times Books, November 2012, got screwed by “the Boss” of the North Pole. Imagine having your wonderful life and future destroyed when, instead of receiving the job assignment to make toys or bake cookies for a living, you were thrust into a gloomy, underground life of mining coal for the children on the naughty list. Ember Skye stole my heart from the first page as DeVivo describes her life as a Coal Elf and sets up the conflict and her epic battle with the antagonist, Sturd, a despicable, nasty elf who embodies evil.

Throw this conflict, these and a handful of other memorable characters into an incredibly creative North Pole setting, and you have a story that I could not put down. What I particularly enjoyed was DeVivo’s portrayal and extension of Christmas with her creation of a detailed fantasy world where we learn how the North Pole might actually work. This awesome setting is expertly woven into the story so that I was transported into this amazing world as I read.

Do yourself a favor and read The Coal Elf–I highly recommend it. This is one of those books that should be made into a movie (Tim Burton are you listening?). Great characters, engaging plot, believable dialog, wonderful setting and, above all, writing that compelled me to keep turning the pages (that’s what we all really want as readers, right?).

About the author: Maria DeVivo is a New York native who has had a lifelong love affair with “the pen” and a passion for all things mystical and mythological. She now lives in Florida with her husband, Joe, and daughter, Morgan, where she teaches 7th grade English and cries whenever Santa appears at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.